Finding Happiness in life – prepare to change

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Before you start your journey to positive change, please read on, you will find the content very useful…

Pitfall of finding happiness on the Web

Finding happiness in life you have to prepare yourself to change. I made the mistake of falling victim of buying self-help programs and believing on some sites that promise you luck, abundance, manifesting etc. all these things are unless until you made a promise to yourself that you want to be happy. I found when I was interested in a site and wanted to know more, they always asked for your email address, then you get bombarded with emails with titles such as Your luck is going to change, you can be abundant in money, Your angels have a message for you, you get the picture. Sure some of these may help you but before you take that step you really need to focus on yourself first. So First prepare yourself to change.

There are Free ways to find enlightenment

There is so much content when you search the internet for relaxing, meditation, self-improvement, it’s mind-boggling but some are free. Fantastic right? well yes and no.,

All we want is to be able to free ourselves from the negativity of this busy world we live in, Yes? Another way to help kick start our way to be happy and positive is to find some inspiration to help us to clear the smoke and see our happy future.

I would like to share ways to obtain some of those tools, Try checking out: YouTube, search: meditation, self-help, inspirational, just name a few and check them out, if you find one that resonates with you, click on their link on Youtube page it may take you to their site or Facebook page, there you might find FREE relaxing music or meditation downloads. So much great relaxing music, speeches to choose from but before you do read the next paragraph.

The Best way to avoid Email bombardment

Create another email account, I found it to be the best way to manage my Inbox bombardment.

If you find a Website that feels you may get inspiration from and requires an Email address stop before you do, First of all, check out the Website by means of finding reviews, Google search, type or paste the name in the search, check the reviews, you really don’t want to be bothered of annoyance emails or sites that sell you products or services but don’t deliver or deliver absolute rubbish.

Always have another Email address, I can’t stress enough how valuable this is when signing up on new Website, leave your original email address for your bills etc. With content being sent to your new inbox it is so much easier to manage, if you come across an email you have unsubscribed of dose’not have an unsubscribe link that keeps coming up simply block that site, thankfully the best-reviewed sites have a link on the Email to unsubscribe, the only possible other issues I know of is your email address may be shared to other sites and potentially have a lot of unsubscribing to do.

Enjoying life with the right tools

After your experience of finding some inspirational freebies, all you have to do is listen, try to avoid video content as you really want to immerse yourself to sounds and/or speech. Remember this is your journey you have control, keep vigilant every day give yourself the much-needed time out (Relaxation) for at least half an hour.

You will know when the time is right to go to the next level, there are some truly fantastic programs out there to further boost you to be happy relaxed and most of all positive every day.

To get the best experience get a pair headphones but please only listen at a low volume in a quiet place away from any disturbance, feel the stress leave your body, once you have experienced that peace and self-love you’ll want it again and again…


This post has been bought about from my own personal experience and I am hoping to reach out to as many souls as possible. Pay it forward is a process I now believe, it’s another tool to welcome happiness and love to all. Please help reach out to others in need by leaving a comment so you may inspire others to be happy.

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”

Dalai Lama

Imagination is magic

Fairy 545 x 200

Fairy 545 x 200Imagination is key

Do you believe what you think is what you are? I know you are thinking that’s a strange thing to say in a post but it’s true, works on the same principle as if your negative your life is not so great, but if your positive your life is great.  Having an imagination opens so many doors and so many possibilities for your future. We all want to be happy right? so why not try it, what have you got to lose?

Imagination mindset

I have come across so many self help Web sites, PDF, Hypnosis & NLP programs and it all comes down to belief. Having a religion helps but believing in yourself is much more powerful. Have you ever wondered about other people around you? Have you noticed people who are truly successful in money & life they walk with pride and talk with confidence and always smiling, Do you envy them? “Don’t” they are only people, the only difference is they have found the way of living life to the fullest, we just need to tap into how to be happy in this life. If you’ve been meditating, doing a gratitude journal for a little while, by now you may have noticed a transition of your thoughts releasing the negative and feeling happier, I truly hope so, now you have a clear mind, ask yourself what do I want in the future.

Imagine something big

This is where the fun begins, use your imagination, let’s say you been given a huge chunk of money I mean real chunk of money like millions, What would you spend it on?. Just a second there I’m sure you had a picture in your mind of something didn’t you? well, let’s pretend you already have it, how do you feel?

All we have to do is believe we do have it, I’ve tried this method and it works, O.K. I don’t have that big house yet but I know I will get it, why because I believe it will come. How soon you may ask, well that really up to my method of finding that income, Everybody has that opportunity to live that dream, try and find a hobby you enjoy and maybe start teaching it or you have an idea you believe will sell, there is so many ways.

When I’m at work I have a pictures of all the things I want, It helps bring that feeling back again and again. I know you think this is all baloney, so did I but once I removed my negative thoughts, smiled, being confident with a can-do attitude life started changing, now creating a side business to earn additional income and down the track my only income, how cool would it be to enjoy work…


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
Henry David Thoreau

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Gratitude – a powerful tool

Butterfly with flower


 Why is gratitude a powerful tool 

Gratitude – a powerful tool? yes, it is. When we constantly dwell on our failures and feed our negative vibes, we forget about the little things that make this world a wonderful place. Hear me out, go for a walk outside and purposely look for something in nature that you have never really paid attention to, seriously try it. Look for an insect doing its thing or a flower in all its state of growth, anything you like as long it is natural,  just ponder for a while and give thought of the life cycle and its purpose in life. How do you feel?. Well I know you wasn’t thinking about your problems that’s for sure, what you have witnessed is a simple Gratitude of another life.

Be grateful often

Every day find 3 to 5 thing’s in your day to be grateful for. It could be as simple as a cup of coffee, enjoying a soothing shower, reading this post (maybe), catching the train on time or the sun is shining or raining depending where you live, there is so much to be grateful for.

Its sounds easy doesn’t it?. Be honest I found it hard at the beginning, all because of stress, worry etc. clouds your mind. Good news, it gets easier if you keep at it every day, simply writing 3 to 5 things you are grateful for no matter how big or small the item, memory or feeling was, you just need to start writing it down. Invest in a journal, diary or even scraps of paper and create a scrapbook, be creative and have fun. Try and commit your self to this simple activity and you will notice the difference in the near future.

writing journal

Why a grateful list?

Well as mentioned in other posts we need to change our minds from negative to positive (break that negative habit) when you write down a gratitude list it helps relieve tension.  When you remember the time of a positive experience you see a picture in your mind and in turn you write it down creating a positive thought. If you carry on writing down a gratitude list every day you are simply breaking the negative habit. So go ahead grab a pen, start writing, you will surprise yourself how much it helps, down the track look back at your gratitude list it’s good to reflect on when you have those gloomy days.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

Many blessing to whom reads this post please feel free to share your thoughts in comments.

God speed