Random acts of kindness – heals the soul

Practice kindnessBe kind and generous and reap the rewards

Act of Kindness is good for the soul

You know if you are kind to people it can actually reduce stress, anxiety, etc. A selfless act is one of the best way’s to feel you are wanted and needed in this world, what a great feeling.

Can you remember when someone has been kind to you? I can’t remember exact details but I do remember the feeling, it perked me up and changed my outlook for the day, giving a feeling of being noticed and kind of makes you feel good, changes your perspective on life.

Same happens when you are kind to others, might be a small thing like opening a door or giving a compliment, even a hug, it can make someone’s day improve, there are so many ways you can perform an act of kindness and in turn, you will feel good.


How do you rate yourselfmeasure

Let me ask you? what do you rate yourself from 1 to 10 how kind are you?

I have found that people who suffer from depression, anxiety, negativity etc. actually have a huge amount of kindness, I’ve seen down-and-out people risk their lives to save others, just for that short period they actually feel good, feel wanted, alive, so why do they revert back to being isolated? Generally, they feel safe, too scared to come out of their shell, become numb, no feeling, it a safety blanket, it’s so how sad. If you see a person like that, try and build the courage to sit with them ask them and say hello strike up a conversation, Yep they might tell you their life story, so what you have just done the best thing in the world, you may even have saved their life and picked up their spirit, If you are that type of person I rate 10 out of 10 in my books.

I might seem to be getting off the topic a bit but there is merit to my suggestions, Kindness removes those negative thoughts and of course good for the soul. So just imagine the people you meet every day all of the sudden became kind in spirit,” wow” that truly would be a sight to behold, but one person kindness triggers another person’s kindness and then kindness spreads. So it a simple process, change somebodies mood it can make their day, chances are they are feeling happier and they pay kindness forward.

So are you going to try to show kindness more often? will you be able to rate yourself 10 out of 10?


Kindness from the heart   heart shape hand

Being kind, of course, is a wonderful and grateful gesture and makes you feel good, but if you can give kindness from the heart that’s where the big bang comes from, your soul swells with emotion, you feel enlightened, carefree, its amazing feeling and as mentioned in previous posts you as a person beams out emotion, people are instantly drawn to you, even try to help in your crusade of kindness, what an absolute fantastic feeling that is. Have you ever given kindness from the heart?


Stories of kindness  

When something tragic in the world happens and you witness the devastation, people suffering, homes lost, family members possibly missing, animals suffering, you can’t help to feel sorry for them but in reality, we simply turn off the TV and continue to live our daily life now that’s sad. However, some of us feel helpless that we can’t be there to support them and have nothing to give the only prayer, some donate money, food, clothing etc. when we see this kindness happening it lifts our spirits knowing there is help and hope to all those suffering, when so many people get together it sways governments to act, that strength of so many being kind changes something in all of us, how lucky are we to be able to have feelings.

Rewards of kindness

So let us all make the effort of showing kindness, it a simple gesture and not only you will feel good, you are helping so many people feel the same. I would like to hear your stories of kindness and I, m sure so many people would be humbled to read your stories, please feel free to express yourself in the comments.

Much love                                 holding hands in the sand



6 thoughts on “Random acts of kindness – heals the soul”

  1. Lovely article you have written. Kindness is important not only as respect and caring for others, bit for your own soul, your own spirit, and for your own mind.

    To often we get caught up and don’t think. This is a truly much needed message that needs to be heard. Thank you for writing this. It will serve as a reminder for all!

  2. What a truly wonderful website and article. I recently read a book called ‘Kindfulness’ which combined Mindfulness with kindness. It’s themes like yours were that by being kind, this makes you feel much better and more positive. I believe life is but a mirror to your inner thoughts and emotions and your outer behaviour. So it goes without saying that if you are kind and do things from the heart, that will be reflected back.

    In a world full of disconnection and negativity, it is truly wonderful to find kind souls who want to give and connect. Great work and I look forward to visiting your site to read more!

  3. This artical really resonated with me. To often I find myself caught up in the bitterness of life, I hope to complete more acts of kindness.

    Just recently I got to experince an act of massive generosity, kindness, love and I remember how incredibly lucky I felt. So special, it brought me to tears. I want to be able to create this happiness for others.

    This brings to mind a little quote I once read. “people dont remember what you say or do, they remember how you made them feel.”

    • Hello and thank you for that heart felt comment, thank you for sharing I do wish more love and happiness for you.
      Love the quote and so so true.
      Again thank you for you comment I’m sure when people read you comment they will be moved.
      Many blessing


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