Mind over matter

Have you heard of this saying?

Do you remember when you were a child and afraid to do something and your parents or grown-ups used to say, “Mind over matter” I remember thinking what are they talking about?, it’s only when you understand by your own experiences you start to realize the true meaning, Controlling your thoughts over a feeling. I remember a time I was stuck on the ledge of a rock face at one of my school excursions my body is frozen of fear, would have been handy if I knew the true meaning of mind over matter, so there I am stuck my friend is there kind of teasing me and being impatient, Then he finally wakes up to himself realising I scared out of my witts and then decides to try and help me to move but my body stiffens, even more, losing all trust in my friend, now the feeling of stupidity is setting in understanding that your the only one out of the group who has this fear of getting down off this ledge.

Finally, Adult comes to the rescue you hesitate for a moment your mind racing negotiating the risks, you now realize you have no option and take faith in the leader to coax you down off that ledge, Finally relief sets in ignoring your young group laughs and jibes, you look back at the ledge and start analyzing the ledge you were so scared about, you notice there was an easy way to come down but you can’t comprehend why you could not see it, Oh there’s that saying again Mind over Matter.


So what have we learned, Fear is a mental response to a situation that can do a number of things to our mind, freeze, run, scream etc. all natural responses but we can change the outcome if we simply change our mindset. Just imagine being on the ledge, looking down realizing that if you fall it’s going to hurt badly or worse, your natural response is your heart rate picks up your mind is spinning your body tenses up but if you could recognize the start of fear and started to take slow deep breaths in and release slowing down your heart rate it is quite possible you will see the handgrips and footwells to safely lower yourself to the ground.

Another scenario

You are at work, working on an urgent job that must be finished, you’re under the pump to get this done, the time is getting away from you and even though you have done this type of job heaps of times before somehow it’s taking longer and you are stressing, then something goes wrong and that deadline has gone out the window. Now you have fear of a backlash of the mistake.

Your fear has now accelerated, your palms are sweating, heart rate racing and as each second that hand on the clock is moving closer to the deadline your mind is racing, trying to find solutions quick fast but you know deep down its not going to happen. So let’s stop right there. You can imagine what’s going to happen, try and finish the story in your own mind, how is going to end?.

You have control

First of all, you put the pressure on yourself and allowing half your brain to focus on the time and half on the job. if you were calm by taking the deep breaths you could use all of your brain matter to only focus on the job at hand and possibly hit the deadline.

Secondly, even if you were calm thing’s can happen out of your control again take the time to take deep breaths slow your heart rate and you may find a solution.

Thirdly, let’s say the job is not going to happen by the deadline, waiting for the clock to hit time is not going to help anything, trying to fix something in a hurry will only make it worse, again if you calm yourself down and tell your supervisor as soon as you can of the delay it’s possible someone is going to be upset but you potentially may be saving a complete blow-up or on the upside, the deadline gets extended.

You see allowing your brain to start a fear process only makes thing worse but you do have the ability to take control. Yes, it takes practice and dedication to train your brain but you can do it.

So I wonder how you finished off the Deadline story? love to see your answer in the comments page…

How do you now perceive Mind of Matter?

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”
– Arthur Ashe





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