Imagination is magic

Fairy 545 x 200Imagination is key

Do you believe what you think is what you are? I know you are thinking that’s a strange thing to say in a post but it’s true, works on the same principle as if your negative your life is not so great, but if your positive your life is great.  Having an imagination opens so many doors and so many possibilities for your future. We all want to be happy right? so why not try it, what have you got to lose?

Imagination mindset

I have come across so many self help Web sites, PDF, Hypnosis & NLP programs and it all comes down to belief. Having a religion helps but believing in yourself is much more powerful. Have you ever wondered about other people around you? Have you noticed people who are truly successful in money & life they walk with pride and talk with confidence and always smiling, Do you envy them? “Don’t” they are only people, the only difference is they have found the way of living life to the fullest, we just need to tap into how to be happy in this life. If you’ve been meditating, doing a gratitude journal for a little while, by now you may have noticed a transition of your thoughts releasing the negative and feeling happier, I truly hope so, now you have a clear mind, ask yourself what do I want in the future.

Imagine something big

This is where the fun begins, use your imagination, let’s say you been given a huge chunk of money I mean real chunk of money like millions, What would you spend it on?. Just a second there I’m sure you had a picture in your mind of something didn’t you? well, let’s pretend you already have it, how do you feel?

All we have to do is believe we do have it, I’ve tried this method and it works, O.K. I don’t have that big house yet but I know I will get it, why because I believe it will come. How soon you may ask, well that really up to my method of finding that income, Everybody has that opportunity to live that dream, try and find a hobby you enjoy and maybe start teaching it or you have an idea you believe will sell, there is so many ways.

When I’m at work I have a pictures of all the things I want, It helps bring that feeling back again and again. I know you think this is all baloney, so did I but once I removed my negative thoughts, smiled, being confident with a can-do attitude life started changing, now creating a side business to earn additional income and down the track my only income, how cool would it be to enjoy work…


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.”
Henry David Thoreau

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7 thoughts on “Imagination is magic”

  1. Hi Shaun,

    Such an inspiring post. Getting rid of negativity and negative thoughts is something I battle with every day. Especially when trying to keep on top of my new venture and business. I keep changing my mind on things, and becoming negative. Your post has really helped, and I am going to try and start believing in myself more.

    Do you have any advice on things I can do daily to help with my negativity?

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom,

      Negative thoughts always creep in our minds it catches us by surprise, when you recognise a negative thought, ask yourself what is the negative thought or feeling then write it down. By doing this you basically stopping yourself before it gets any further. Then think about of something that makes you happy, even better keep a diary close buy with comments that make you happy. Just remember take time for yourself even if it every half hour for 5 min.
      I really hope the above will help you also keep some inspiration quote nearby they also help.
      Thank you for your comment really would like to hear in the near future how your going. Will posting more content soon.
      Many blessings

  2. The mind is indeed a very powerful tool. Living life with gratitude makes you see life differently and blessings become so much more. We are sometimes afraid to dream big because we have already told our mind that we can’t achieve those dreams. Thanks for this post.

  3. Hey Shaun,

    I’m so thankful for this beautiful post. Especially in difficult times like this when the world is trying to survive the Covid-19 virus, all the more it is so important to harness the power of our imaginative minds and positivity.

    Reading this has given me renewed strength that we can all overcome whatever obstacles that life throws at us.

    Stay safe, and keep well.


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