I bet you – Happiness can happen

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Are you wondering why I would call the site Ubetcha, well there is a strong reason for that and it all relates to being happier.

I was like so many others out in the big wide world, where I could not make sense of my life and the most niggling factor was why am I not happy. If you have read any of the posts you will see I have finally found that happiness and it’s not anything material, financial or being recognised, it is simply changing my mindset.

I found it hard to ask for help so I would go it alone searching for that true meaning of being happy. I tried Religion, Spirituality and meditation, but not understanding the true value of oneself, it’s going to be very hard to find happiness.

It was only by accident that I came across a website about Abundance, Yep my mind went straight to the money as it turned out I was getting a lesson about opening up my soul. There was a meditation involved but as informed, I had to listen to it every day for 21 days, after 21 days I did feel a little different hard to tell exactly the feeling but my mind was getting clearer my anger seemed less so I downloaded many other meditation tracks and even stepped into the spiritual realm again. When you compile all this together in a short while you do see changes, the most positive change I saw was how my closest relatives spoke to me with warmth like I belonged, when I look in the mirror now I actually look happier.

Will you meet the challenge

So Ubetcha website was formed to help others to come out of their shell and simply be happy.

You have got this far in life, you are still alive what have you got to lose, “Answer” absolutely nothing, you will only gain great things, renewal of your soul, love, respect, vision, and new goals.

What is stopping you? You have so many resources of self-help programs, groups meetings, free download content of meditation etc. don’t let fear rule you’re life, take a leap of faith and change.

I found some people won’t help themselves or do anything they are not familiar with and shy away from a challenge unless they are told or take a bet.

So I bet you. You will not be happy in 12 months time.

Yep, you read that right I am betting you opposite of what this site is about can you prove me wrong?. I hope so.

Are you going to take the bet and win? Did you say Yes?

Don’t overthink it, prove to me I will lose the bet I DARE YOU

So what do I get if I win the bet? nothing at all just upset that you didn’t win and hope you are still trying so now I am TELLING YOU TO SNAP OUT OF THIS MINDSET do the meditation take control of that brain tell it I AM GOING TO CHANGE.

At the end of the day the choice is yours and only yours I can only help so far.

What lies in your future

Well, this all depends on your mindset once again.

Let’s say at this moment in time you still can’t see yourself being happy and imagine booking a time to go and see a Clairvoyant, the Clairvoyant ask you a question, “What is it you would like to find out about your future” you simply ask I would like to know what my future life will be.

So out comes the cards and the reading begins, You and I know the reading isn’t going to be that great don’t we but the clairvoyant may say in the near future your life is going to change. Is this time you finally realise to be happy.

O.K. let’s presume you are happy your life already changing all because you made the decision to remove negativity from your thoughts and become positive and happy. What do you think the outcome of the Clairvoyant reading will be, its a no brainer but there may be some setbacks in our reading but because we have rewired our brain to be positive, if or when those times of strife or problem arises you will be able to deal with it so much easier it’s not going to bring you down.

If what you have read sounds like a dream or unreasonable you are probably right only because you are letting your negative emotions take control of your life. you really need to change and be positive and embrace your future and yourself. Of course not every day you will wake up with a  smile, there is going to be days you feel a little down but you will soon snap out of it and continue you life journey feeling happy, helpful and beam out and share that feeling to others.

Are you up for the bet? good, leave a comment saying I Will bet you I will be happy before 12 months.let the challenge begin.


Remember that YOU are in the driver’s seat of your life. Steer clear of negative people, back up from confrontation and drive away from those who don’t appreciate you 

A Bertoli


6 thoughts on “I bet you – Happiness can happen”

  1. Meditation is great to access our true selves beyond thought where there is nothing to fix and nothing more that we need than being present. We spend so much time thinking about the past and future that we rob ourselves of being present now which is the only place contentment truly is. Or, we can also actively watch our minds and thoughts and change them.

  2. Hey Shaun,

    I will take on this bet too!

    I love this article, everything you say makes so much sense. When you have a negative perception of things, the outcome will likely be negative. But when we let positivity flood our thoughts and emotions, we will be able to find the silver lining no matter the circumstances.

    Thank you for this great read, it’s timely for me. 🙂

    • Hi Joo,
      Glad you are taking on the bet, I’m sure I will lose the bet quickly and so glad that will be the case, I am so lucky I managed to find what has been missing inside my soul and never would have realized it if it wasn’t for the search for abundance
      Thank you for the wonderful comment


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