How to be happy and squash negativity.

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Happiness is only one thought away

Life and people can throw us some really hard curve balls and in an instant we hit rock bottom, delving in our negative state without even noticing. We live day by day, saying why me, Why do I have bad luck, Why can’t I simply be happy.

If your in need immediate support there are organizations that will help but I know there are plenty of people out there who refuse help or refuse to recognize they need help hence why  you have found Spiritual ubetcha

Ways to start being happy

Fact: after a period of time, your negativity becomes a habit, yes your heard right a habit and now we need to break this terrible habit. I know what your are going to say “how and why”. Well if you are feeling negative believe it or not your speech, facial expressions and movement emulates your negativity which turns people away, let’s face it who wants to engage with someone who is negative.

Try this “smile”, yep smile something your may have not done in a while, your subconscious automatically senses this action and remembers this means to be happy, can your feel that, even though it was briefly? I bet you did, now we want to keep that feeling agreed?

Feeling the happiness

After that wonderful smile, it’s time to break the negative habit. Like all habits it takes commitment to break it, this isn’t as hard as you may think, quite easy in fact only takes time and some inner love.

I found the easiest way to break the negative cycle is firstly remember all the good memories when your was an innocent child. Find a place that is quiet where there will be no interruptions, close your eyes, take slow deep breath and slowly release repeat this approximately 3 times, feel the stress leave your body then think back when you were child, remember how your could dream, imagine, have fun and live every day to it’s fullest, if you are finding it hard to look back at your childhood memories, don’t worry just sit there in peace and try to clear any thoughts that come into mind and listen to your heart beating and focus on your breathing, this helps remove unwanted thoughts, allow at least 10 minutes or more every day preferably in the morning and you will see the benefits in due time.

Keeping that happy feeling

So by now your probably guessed that I was suggesting meditation and your would be right, it’s a known fact the meditation reduces stress, anxiety, anger, hate etc. and it cost your absolutely nothing. Don’t worry if your find it hard to fully immerse your self in the stillness of meditation it will come in time, remember we are trying to break a habit so keep at it. another helpful tip is to invest in some head phones and download relaxing music even a song that your feel relaxed listening to, best to have the volume set low and let the sound surround you.

 Spiritual u betcha want you to be happy

I hope Spiritualubetcha has inspired to find the positive in your self and bury the negative. How great would this world be if everyone was happy, would be mind-blowing,

If Spirtualubetcha has helped your or at least take steps to take charge of your negative emotions to positive ones please let me know. You never know your feedback may help another soul looking for support and change.

Many blessing



Peace is not that far away

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