Poetry can soothe the soul

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Have you ever read a poem lately?. I have been fortunate to find a Poet who writes some very resinating poems that relate to the meaning of this site. So much so it inspired me to write one myself, can you believe it me writing a poem. I struggle with grammar and English at school I was lucky to have pass marks at school but look at me now thanks to today’s technology and having a positive mindset.

Back to the topic, I have always believed poems should rhyme but now have realised poems can come in many forms. Poems as I know it usually rhymes as The Fat Cat Sat on the Mat but poems are much more.  A short story with meaning and rhythm that resonates to the reader or Feelings wrote down in a rhymical way.

Reading some poems can help you sustain a positive emotion or depleting a negative emotion take a look at Christopher Westra poems.

However, if you can write a poem with the meaning of light, love, acceptance it will give you inspiration for staying positive and is proof you are changing for the better.

So with no further a due, I would like to share with you a poem from my heart.

Introducing light inside my soul

My soul has become dark, no light can enter it, shadowed by a feeling I can’t feel
Change has to come, praying for light and warmth to develop, allow me to shed my old skin
Finally, I have awakened, taken control of my thoughts, I can now see and feel the love in all things
How you may ask, free your mind of thoughts, give yourself love and hold onto it
Freedom is now at your grasp, share and love others, many blessing will come your way
We have only one life on this world, don’t waste one precious moment, focus only of good, the light will shine down on your path giving you guidance to full fill the promised land, you inner self
God bless

If you feel inspired to write a poem I would love to read it or you can obtain inspiration by reading Christopher Westra poems in this page or simply check out https://hellopoetry.com/u731526/

Christoper Westa has given me permission to share his poems so please read and enjoy.