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About Shaun

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Welcome to spiritual, Many years struggled through life and finally have found a way to positively change my future and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you how to change your life path.

A Little Story how I have changed to be Positive

Ever since I was a child I knew there was more to life than just living day today, in my early teens the shock of my parent’s separation living in near poverty and then possible world war 3 etc left me with negative vibes.” I mean literally” thoughts of suicide, pushing away loved ones, never happy with what I had and lived with low esteem of myself.

I remember I was only happy when I help others, funny thing, I could give people encouragement, thoughtful ideas and guidance but couldn’t do it for myself. I suppose just like my Mum, Taught me how to swim but she cannot herself.

There are so many people out there who have lived or living a far worse life than me, but life can change only if you believe.

I now changed my life but it’s taken some time but I am well on my way to freedom.


Why do I want to help people?

I have been blessed to be able to now share with the world ways to inspire people to be truly happy.

There is no better feeling than helping someone who is searching for the freedom from stress, anxiety, loneliness, negativity and change their lives around for the better.

We all deserve to be happy in this life there are ways that it can happen.

The goal for

There is so much content out on the Web its mind-blowing and if you are like me, spend money on self-help programs that help to some degree but don’t change your life. So I learned from my experience and would like to share with you.

First of all, it all starts with you. You will learn to take control of your life and your thoughts.

Imagine: what it would be like if you could walk in a room of strangers and they are in awe of your presence or applying for a job that you would never go for and having a greater chance of being picked or never having money problems ever again.

It is so possible if you find a quiet soothing place without any distractions and simply write down how you feel and why, now write down on a new page how you would like to feel and why then put them beside each other.

Subconsciously your brain will pick on the positives this is a very small step but understanding your feelings is a massive start.

Please explore this web page if you have any suggestions, inspirational views please feel free to share love to hear from you.

Many blessing


2 thoughts on “About Shaun”

  1. Hey Shaun,
    Thank you for your very honest sharing, really appreciate the life story you have told, that led to the beginning of this site. I think everyone needs positive thoughts, which may not be easy in a world that is so volatile. Will be keeping a lookout for all your posts!

    • Hi Joo,

      Honestly, I feel so much more confident with my postings, I wish that everyone who reads it will feel inspired to be positive everyday.
      Many thanks


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