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We can make changes in our daily life

Welcome to Spiritual U betcha, a site that brings to light our daily struggles and how we can change them by simply thinking differently.

We all suffer stress at some point of our lives and some times it seems to stick around, How do we change that?

I developed this site to hopefully reach out to people who are struggling or unhappy with life, We can make changes in our daily life by some simple principles. Life is worth living and you can enjoy it regardless of your situation, but you need to start now and make a decision of ” do I want to stay on my current path or do I want my life to change for the better”, either way your have the control to make that decision.

You will find many posts targeting ways to become positive, New posts will be added regularly, adding more content to read and hopefully inspire your to become positive and hopefully help others. I encourage you to leave comments, your never know what your may write, may help another soul.

I look forward to reading your comments, if your have any ideas that your would like to see on this site please leave a comment, if your want your comment to be confidential please note it in your comments, I have the ability not to allow a comment to be seen on this site.

Blessing to your all



P.S. for more inspiration check out https://yourpurepotential.com/

14 thoughts on “Welcome to Spiritual Ubetcha enjoy posts within”

  1. The reason so many people suffer from the sheer number of sicknesses And sadness that are robbing people of the abundant life is because it’s virtually impossible to find pure air, food and water nowadays. Maybe it’s because we live in the most toxic environment the world has ever known, and it’s only by the grace of God that we are all not dead at this point. we are strong people.
    One thing I am quite certain about is that we have been gifted with the remarkable ability to adapt to our surroundings and to heal ourselves under the right conditions, which is why it’s so important that we treat our bodies right and to recite healing affirmations to keep our focus in the right place!

    • Hi Kim, So glad you left you comment I agree with you about the environment poisoning us, some people in 3rd world countries who live in the worst poverty still manage to find happiness which warms my heart, we are only a vessel walking on this earth, its our spirit that lives on. I believe if we can learn to change our thoughts to be positive, showing love & understanding, to enjoy life no matter how hard it can be I’m sure our spirit will go to a better place when its time

      Many blessing and many thanks

  2. Love your website after my mental illness it drained me but I’m fine now and spirituality got me through it more than anything.

    I am not a man that gives in now and think positive more than before to let the light shine on me. I could learn a lot from you so thanks for the website. it’s a great website and I’ll be reading and following this more and also send it to friends.

    In Friendship


    • Hi Jonah, very humbled by your comment, Its a battle to stay positive everyday but I find simple affirmations and reminding myself angels looking after me alone helps me smile and in turn smiling is the switch of changing negative thought to positive, I have noticed over time it gets easier to be positive, basically changing the habit.
      So glad and again humbled by your comment.
      Keep that light inside of you glowing bright and be a beacon to save others from negativity.
      With much love and respect

    • Hi Chris, So humbled you have checked out ubetcha.com I am a great fan of reading your poetry.
      Your poetry resonates deep within my soul, I wrote some poetry recently inspired by your creativity, last time I did that was back at school.
      Really am blessed and I urge anyone who wants some inspiration to follow https://prosperitypoems.com
      Many thanks

  3. Dear Shaun,
    What an inspiring group you have started. As the mum of 2 young men it’s become very important to me of how often young people, especially men feel they can’t share without being made to feel inadequate in some way. I have tried to bring them up knowing it takes a stronger person to admit or ask for help emotionally…My youngest especially wears his heart on his sleeve and feels things very deeply, this often leading to stress, depression and feeling obligated to put up with certain situations. I will most certainly be sharing this link/page with them, hoping they can use it as a safe place of no judgement and inspirational reading and stories from others…

    Thank you


    • Hi Rachelle, I am so humbled that you can see this website to be a possible release of the negativity for your loved ones, It amazing when you have this sad negative feeling you feel isolated and seldom ask for help or guidance, I hope that everyone who reads the posts will make the decision to change and be positive and live life how it should be.
      My prayers are with you and your family.
      Love and blessing

    • Thankfully there is plenty of free confidential resources people can call if in need.
      Writing down any negative thoughts helps relieve the negativity from your mind because your thoughts are now showing back to you on paper and makes it easier to deal with, little things like this can reduce stress, anxiety and relieve tension.
      I thank you for your email, If there is any idea’s that you would think would benefit any readers of this site would be welcomed.
      Thank you Shaun


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